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Player: Gann
Canon: Overwatch
Canon Point: Post: Dragons
Alignment: Aiada
Date of Entry: 12/06/2016
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Name: Genji Shimada
Canon: Overwatch
Canon Point: Post-Dragons

Player: Gann
Contact: PMs work well. Plurk = redlionspride
HMD: So, this is where you can drop me a line about how I am doing. HOW AM I DOING? Okay? Not great? Let me know what you think. I would like constructive criticism please, so I can grown and get better as a RPer.
Other: This is also a great place to leave me links to places, fics, fan art, icons, fan mixes, or other things you want me to see or keep for my journal.
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Backtagging: Yes - Always!
Threadhopping: Yes - All good with me.
Fourthwalling: Yes - No prob here.
Offensive subjects: None - I am hard to offend!

Hugging this character: That's fine. He might be a bit stiff, but it's not unwelcome.
Kissing this character: Sure, if you have the desire... though it'll more than likely be on a face plate, and a kiss back is... mostly him bumping his face plate at someone. Whoops.
Flirting with this character: Why not. He's awkward at it but knows how to flirt.
Fighting with this character: Yes! Bring it! He does not want to have to fight but he will if he must. It has to be for great reason however. He does not fight for 'fun'.
Injuring this character: Yep! I am okay with it!
Killing this character: Sure! Let us talk! Bring me your hard death!
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Not prob! Just ask for info if you need it, or 'lead' in your tags and I will try my best to action reply for you!

For General RP and Memes:
Fandom Ships that are okay?: ANY of them. Seriously. As odd as it seems in general for memes and verses I can ship with anything or anyone. For actually Community games more development will be required but most things are doable. Take a chance and jump at it! Male or female, gender swap or AU. Doesn't matter. I enjoy the development most.
Other Fandoms Okay?: Yep. Cross canon is a lot of fun you know. It's all good.
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[This is the Inbox of one Genji Shimada. If he does not respond/pick up, please feel free to leave him a message.]
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This is my open RP Meme thread. This thread is the place to drop me a random or pre-planned thread that does not have to do with any RP Games I am currently in. PSLs, Random Memes, or anything are perfectly fine here. Just make it clear what world we are playing in either in the subject or in your tag! You don't even have to talk to me, just toss a tag up and I will reply to it as soon as I can. I'm very open. If I don't care for the subject matter, I'll PM you (but lets face it, I'm pretty damn open...). Either way, let's have fun!

Open To:
Canon mates, Comics, TV, Movies, Cross-canons, OCs, AUs, Alts, etc


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Genji Shimada